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We dedicate 100% of our facilities to helping and giving back to the community. Below is both a brief overview of what we do at SabaterLAB and also an invitation to explore our non-profit organization: SabaterLAB Foundation. 


Individual Psychotherapy
Family Interventions

Clinical Trauma Models
Behavior Management
Relaxation Strategies
Social Skills


Generic Psychological Assessment

Clinical Counseling

Diagnostic Clarification

Psychoeducational Testing

Neurocognitive/Intelligence Testing

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), among others


Parent Strategies
Vocational Guidance Translation Services/Document Preparation

Projects & Community Engagement


The SabaterLAB Foundation is our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and it is the way that we are serving to empower uniquely diverse communities. That is, we are making mental health services accessible, inclusive, and equitable by expanding what we do at SabaterLAB to the community. We offer educational services and technical assistance, Community Care Mini Clinics and Wellness Self-care, Youth Mental Health First Aid Training, and Coaching Boys Into Men training, for community members as well as small business owners and small nonprofit organizations leaders.


Together as partners, SabaterLAB and The SabaterLAB Foundation also offer racially, culturally, ethnically, and linguistically competent educational opportunities, clinical internships, and experiential learning pathways through our Clinical Training and Service Internship Program. Because we know how important it is but also how difficult it can be to secure a high-quality internship experience, our program trains students from all groups, intentionally including students from communities of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and unserved populations as Mental Health and Office Assistants at the high school level and as Mental Health Providers at the college/graduate level. As employer partners of SkillsRI, for the last two years, we have hosted a total of 18 students in their PrepareRI program. Other partners are Williams James College and The Met High School.

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